Dave Miscampbell

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What I Do

I work at Storm Ideas in Edinburgh focussing on making excellent Internet applications for a modern TV industry.

What I Used To Do

My dad had a computer in the house for as long as I can remember. I think he tried to teach me to touch type before I was 4 (something I still can’t do).

One of my earliest memories is deleting some system files to make space for my own word processed documents because the operating system couldn’t handle two screens of files. I think my dad was awake until around 2am trying to restore things from a backup. (Sorry Dad!)

From there I learned QuickBASIC, HTML, Javascript and UniCOMAL (a prize to anyone who’s heard of that last one before). At some point I even had a Dragon Ball Z fan site hosted on Geocities.

After a brief obssession with Pokémon ROM modding, I learned some Visual Basic and finished High School.

After a detour by way of a Mathematics and Physics degree, I eventually landed myself a trainee job at Storm Ideas and have spent the last roughly 10 years learning how to be a somewhat competent computer programmer.

Why I Do It

I enjoy the challenge of computers. I enjoy solving problems and figuring out the answers. I enjoy working with people to achieve something. I enjoy the feeling of a finished product. I love the excitement of shipping.

What Else I Do

When I’m not working, I enjoy being outside walking, cycling or playing football (by which I mean soccer - in case you’re not from the UK).

I have been known to partake in the odd whisky (by which I mean Scotch) and occasionally have been known to play the piano (by which I mean the piano).

Sometimes I cook.

Often I play board games.

Less often I win.

I’ve even been known to occasionally enjoy reading.

My favorite (by which I mean favourite, in case you are from the UK) thing to do is to spend time with my wife, Maxine, and our 2 children. You can read Maxine's thoughts on the history of reading at maxinebranagh.co.uk .